3 Easy Things you can do to support small businesses in Lockdown

Lockdown is definitely a tough period of time, particularly where small businesses are concerned. With positive spirits in mind, consumers are looking for ways in which they can support a small business during lockdown - giving themselves that much needed boost of morale as well as ensuring that small businesses are able to carry on as normal. Here are three things you can do during lockdown to support local businesses... 

Retweet their promotions and engage with their social medias 

Businesses cannot grow unless the people who love them are raving about them and passing them on to other people. If you love a brand and want to support them, then the easiest thing to do is to share on social media - perhaps you’ve purchased something from them in the past and want to share how much you loved it. Alternatively, if you can see that they have a new product or are hosting a sale, share their social media posts with your own followers. It costs absolutely nothing to retweet a tweet or tag a friend in a brand’s instagram post - but it could result in a sale for the brand from elsewhere. You don’t have to spend money yourself to support the brands you love. Word of mouth is vitally important in a consumer-driven market. 

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Buy items from small businesses where you can afford to

If you do have the money to support a local business in lockdown then do so - shop around and ensure that those who truly need it get your money, rather than larger companies who perhaps don’t need the support quite as much. Not spending quite as much money on eating out but still need something to cheer yourself up? Why not raise your body confidence and treat yourself to a gorgeous bralette, courtesy of Blush Atelier. Affordable, beautiful and a small business that you can support through a tough time. 

Buy gift cards and treat your family members 

There’s been a lot of love spread in the world recently in spite of this horrible situation we find ourselves in - amazon wishlists, people sending their loved ones surprise gifts - it’s all being done and we love it! When you’re looking to spread love to a family member or friend, why not treat them to a gift card? They can choose whatever they like - meaning you don’t have to assume their taste - and get it delivered directly to them, meaning that you’re adhering perfectly to the rules of lockdown.

Why not treat yourself to a gorgeous Blush Atelier bralette during lockdown? You'll be supporting a small business and giving yourself a serious boost in the process!